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You’ve made a wise choice by purchasing a solar system and now you must make the most of your investment. Here are 10 suggestions to make the most of the solar power you have purchased…

1. Make use of your appliances throughout the daytime

It may seem like a common sense suggestion but many people fail to benefit from daylight hours. By turning on heavy-use appliances such as the dishwasher or dryer in operation during the daytime you’re utilizing the energy that is produced. Maximize this opportunity to use free energy!

Bonus Tip! When you are loading the dishwasher in the evening, do not switch it off until the next morning, when it is sunny.

2. You can re-arrange your consumption

Try dividing your use throughout the day. E.g. set the washing machine on at 11 and turn you can turn on the dryer at 12. This stops you from drawing on the grid and thus adds to the cost.

3. Cool or heat your home in the afternoon

Heating or cooling your home during the last days of daylight you’re taking care of your energy bill and avoiding the peak evening energy consumption.

4. Be sure to look for shade and any debris

Be on the lookout for any issues with shading and cut down any trees, and then remove any debris that is causing shading does affect your system’s performance.

5. Get your panels cleaned

Dust, dirt and bird droppings may hinder your savings. Anything that blocks the solar panels could reduce the output of your system. This can result in lower savings on electricity costs. The climb up to your rooftop and cleaning the panels by yourself isn’t easy and risky So let us handle it using the right equipment and expertise. We also offer a free service check while we are at the site.

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6. Make use of energy-efficient appliances

Change your lighting fixtures to LEDs, and switch to appliances that are energy efficient to cut down on your use at night. This will help you keep your cost as affordable as you can!

7. Compare rates to find a lower price

While your solar power reduces your energy consumption, however, you’ll still be charged a supply cost to your energy supplier for power supply to your home. If you can get a lower supply cost, you will cut your costs even further. Also, look for a solar feed-in rate to reduce the cost.

8. Make sure to add a battery

If you’re not already equipped with batteries, we suggest you look over your bills and determine how much kWh you’re exporting, and then determine whether a battery is feasible. If you’re exporting about 12 kWh (on average) each day back to the grid, batteries will aid in making the most out of your system, by making use of solar power during the night. By installing a battery, you will get complete protection from blackouts. Go Here to find out more information about batteries.

9. Seasonal Changes

The performance of your system will vary according to the season. The average daily production of kWh is approximately 5.2 Systems Size, and your winter production of kWh is 2.6 System Size.

10. Check your system and use

Check that your solar system is functioning properly and you can learn how your system is performing by monitoring. The majority of inverters have an app that will show you the production of PV on your system. You can also find your energy consumption from your energy supplier.

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