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If you’re thinking about redecorating a room in your home or place of business, made-to-measure or ready-made wooden blinds are a great option because they let natural light in, provide some or all of the privacy you want, and can be adjusted using the slats if the amount of light coming in is too much and casting a glare.

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Blinds that are “made to measure” are created to fit a certain or specified window size. Blinds that are already created may be trimmed to fit any window since they are produced in standard sizes.

How do wooden blinds work?

Wooden horizontal slats on blinds may be tilted to regulate light and privacy.

How are wooden blinds opened and shut?

Their wand tilts the slats to open or close, or to just partially open or close, while their ropes raise and lower the blinds. By rotating them from an open position (where the slats do not overlap) to a closed one, the wooden slats may be adjusted (in which they do).

Wooden Venetian Blinds: What Are They?

Venetian blinds, which also feature horizontal slats stacked one on top of the other, are a common name for wooden blinds. Basic slatted blinds with metal, plastic, or wooden slats are known as venetian blinds.

How are wood blinds connected to one another?

They can be turned collectively through almost 180 degrees since they are supported by cords or by fabric strips called tapes.

How do the slats of wooden blinds rotate?

The slats may be turned in two directions, first with one side facing inward and subsequently with the other side facing inward, so that they overlap. By adjusting the rotation, different levels of spacing between the slats may be achieved between those two extremes.

How totally open and closed are wooden blinds?

Each slat has slots through which lift ropes pass. The lowest slats of the blind press against the underside of the next highest slat as it is lifted when these cords are pulled, which causes the bottom of the blind to rise higher.

Which finishes are available for wooden blinds?

Depending on the type of wood they are constructed of, wooden blinds are available in a variety of finishes, from painted to most wood variants.

What advantages can wooden blinds offer?

  • Wooden blinds are available for windows of various sizes.
  • You may select slats of various sizes.
  • The slat thickness may change according on your preference.
  • They may be found in a variety of wood species and colours.
  • They may be cleaned by simply wiping them down with a dry cloth.
  • They work well in various types of rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, conservatories, kitchens, restrooms, stalls, and door windows (perfect fit blinds)
  • They provide you with seclusion in unnoticed rooms.
  • Because of their adaptability, you may have them entirely closed, half open, or open. The opening and closing mechanisms can be installed on either side.
  • With a large variety of wood stains and painted colours, you may customise the appearance of your wooden blinds.
  • Instead of cords, you may use contrasting and complementary tape to make each one stand out.
  • PVC The types and colours of wooden blinds are available.


Can wood blinds be installed in any kind of space?

PVC Venetian blinds may be a better alternative if you’re having blinds installed in an area with more moisture, such a bathroom or kitchen, as they are more heat- and moisture-resistant than wooden blinds.

What Advantages Do Blinds Offer?

Similar to how drapes screen a window, blinds may also provide a basic, modern aesthetic in a space. Blinds are often installed in window recesses and are the same width and height as the window itself, however they can also be somewhat larger and taller and installed on the window frame’s outside.

Do wooden blinds maintain a warm interior?

Window coverings have different thermal impacts since they may deflect the summer sun’s heat and retain heat in the winter. Wooden blinds’ spinning slats have a variable ability to block out light. A blind’s function is to strike a balance between seclusion and shade while still being visually beautiful.

What colours are available for wood blinds?

A reputable blind provider will offer a wide range of colour options for you to choose from. Wooden blinds are available in a wide variety of wood kinds, colours, and textures.

What widths are available for wooden blinds?

A wooden blind can typically be built to suit a window frame up to a width of about 242 cm. Any wider than that, however, and the weight of the blind will make it impossible for you to properly install it to your window frame or fully open or shut it. Again, we always suggest asking the maker of your blinds for help.

What are the wood blind slat widths?

Wood blind slats are typically available in sizes ranging from 25 to 65 mm, but always verify this with your blind supplier.

Can wood be used to create Perfect Fit Blinds?

Wooden slats may be used to create Perfect Fit blinds, which exactly fit within each window pane and become an essential component of the window. With the variety of the most modern colours, vibrant tints, and woodgrain designs, you will be spoiled for choice. Since they simply clip into your uPVC window frames, drilling is not necessary.

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