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If you are beginning with the app development for your multi-service business soon, you need to choose between building the app from scratch or white-labeling it. Building an app from scratch gives you high customization flexibility but ready-to-use apps are much more cost-effective and time-saving. Let’s see which is the best option for you to develop and launch the Gojek Clone App Cambodia

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What Does White-labeling the App Mean? 

White labeling is a process where app developers rebrand their base app. In this process, the entrepreneur’s company’s name and logo are integrated into the app. 

In simpler words, a pre-built app is given the entrepreneur’s branding. Moreover, the developers also change the color theme of the app to match it with the brand’s logo. 

Furthermore, the white-labeling experts also integrate the languages, currencies, SMS & payment gateways that the entrepreneur wants. 

Everything together gives a new and unique identity to the base app. Because of white-labeling, nobody will ever come to know that the entrepreneur has white-labeled a ready-to-use app! 

Advantages of White-labeling the Gojek Clone App Cambodia! 

Before you move forward with taking your final purchase decision, you must take a look at all the advantages of white-labeling a ready-made app. 

Lower investment 

When white-labeling an app, entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about managing their finances. White-labeling the app is a pocket-friendly solution. It requires only a fraction of the investment that entrepreneurs have to make when developing a Gojek Clone multi-service app from scratch.

When building the app from the ground zero, entrepreneurs need to hire dedicated developers, designers, managers, etc. This adds more to the cost of development. 

Also, white-labeling the app is best because it eliminates the need to spend on buying/renting the office, purchasing expensive software licenses, and so on. 

Quick time to market 

Time is precious and that’s why smart entrepreneurs don’t waste any. 

Developing the app from scratch will become difficult for entrepreneurs because here they’d need to wait for more than a couple of years to launch the app. 

If you are planning to launch the Gojek Clone App, white-labeling it will enable you to start a multi-service business in just 7 days! Compare the two options, what would be best for you – wasting years to develop and launch the app or making money? 

The latter seems just the right option! 

Post-launch support 

Approaching a white-labeling firm will also give you the advantage of post-launch support. 

Well, depending on the package you purchase, the firm will provide you with 1 to 2 years of free upgrades. These upgrades will ensure that your multi-service app works flawlessly!

Moreover, these upgrades are free as this advantage comes with the purchase of the package. 

No involvement in project management 

Unlike developing the app from scratch, here entrepreneurs need not stress about managing the project. The white-labeling firm is responsible for developing and launching the Gojek Clone App Cambodia for you.

When getting the app white-labeled, there is no need to manage the project, understand which technology works best, etc. It takes only 7 days to white-label the app with the entrepreneur’s branding! 

Entrepreneurs only need to wait for a week and they’ll be delivered with a fully-fledged, mature, and well-optimized app using which they can start earning money! 

Now that you know what is white-labeling and how it works in your favor. It is time to find a white-labeling firm that can do the job for you. 

Find the Best White-labeling Firm 

You will find hundreds of white-labeling firms on the internet. However, having to choose one of many options will be tough. 

Mentioned below is a list of all the characteristics that you must consider when choosing the white-labeling firm for Gojek Clone App development. 

  • The firm must have at least 10+ years of experience. 
  • They should have launched as many as 1200+ apps.
  • The delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks! 
  • Part-payment is available. 
  • They have hundreds of video testimonials of their clients on the website and other social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

In Conclusion: 

Are you ready to launch the Gojek Clone App Cambodia? 

If yes, then pick up your mobile phone and quickly connect with a white-labeling firm. Understand what they offer and what their product is. Check the demo app before you invest in the solution! 

Get in touch with experts ASAP!

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