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Hong Kong has made its greatest ever capture of methamphetamine in the wake of uncovering a shipment showing up from Mexico worth more than $HK1 billion (more than $198 million), specialists have said.

Customs authorities found a record-breaking 1.8 lots of fluid meth concealed in containers of coconut water on the way for Australia on Saturday.

Senior director Lee Ka-ming, top of the medication examination department at Hong Kong customs, said the shipment probably elaborate an enormous global medication dealing ring.

“We trust the fluid meth, of high virtue, came from South America,” he said.

“It was bundled there and transported by means of a tangled course to Hong Kong, to be shipped off Australia.”

No captures have yet been made.

Hong Kong has up until this point this year uncovered over two times the meth held onto in the entire of last year, with just about three tons seized by specialists.

The most recent bust came days after policing meth worth $US9.1 million (more than $14 million) concealed in electrical transformers, which was likewise set out toward Australia.

Hong Kong specialists were made by means of knowledge trades with abroad policing of the chance of huge fluid meth shipments showing up in the city, customs official said.

“Coconut water (shipments) from Mexico are incredibly uncommon,” he said.

“The last time was in 2016 and weighed only six kilograms.”

The stash was found among different products in a freight holder and recognized utilizing X-beams last Sunday.

An internet based look for the shipment’s supposed beneficiary, an Australian organization, came up void, authorities said.

The past biggest meth bust in Hong Kong came in April when authorities found 700 kilograms of the medication concealed in modern gear from Mexico.

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