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A 11-year-old kid has been killed in a “terrible” crash outside a bustling rural retail plaza close to Darwin.

The youngster, who was visiting from highway with his family, passed on after he was struck by an enormous white ute outside Moulden Store in Palmerston at around 12:45pm today.

Head of NT Police’s Significant Accident Examinations Unit, Investigator Senior Sergeant Brendan Lindner, said the 11-year-old was hit as the 54-year-old driver of the ute was “arranging switching out of a vehicle leave near the front entryway”.

“Because of reasons we’ve yet to decide, rather than switching, the vehicle has reeled forward and unfortunately has struck a 11-year-old kid who was strolling preceding the vehicle,” he said.

“It’s swayed forward a couple of meters across the walkway, sticking him against the wall, where he’s experienced terrible wounds.

“He unfortunately has passed on because of those wounds.”

Cops and St John Emergency vehicle paramedics joined in however couldn’t save the kid.

“Unfortunately there was nothing they could do,” Senior Sergeant Lindner said.

He said the kid’s relatives were among “various individuals” in the vehicle leave at that point.

“It’s a terrible episode, it’s a horrendous passing, towards the year’s end, five days out from Christmas,” he said.The driver of the ute remained at the scene and addressed police.

Senior Sergeant Lindner said the man had been tried for liquor and medications and “returned an outcome that showed positive for drugs”.

“He was captured… [and] taken to medical clinic where an example of blood has been taken, which will be exposed to scientific toxicological examination,” he said.

The driver has since been let out of authority, however will be expected to address policeonce the blood test results return.

Significant Accident investigators are currently examining the conditions of the accident.

They pronounced a crime location at the Moulden Store vehicle leave this evening, where specialists should have been visible looking at the scene.

Senior Sergeant Lindner asked any observers to the accident, or any individual who saw the driver before it worked out, to approach.

He said analysts were additionally checking on CCTV film of the scene.

The kid’s demise takes the 2022 Northern Region street cost such a long ways to 51 — the most elevated figure on record starting around 2008. Senior Sergeant Lindner asked Territorians to take care on the streets over the occasion period.

“Everybody’s in a hurry during this season … take as much time as is needed,” he said.

“Simply saving yourself five minutes does not merit putting your life in extreme danger or the lives or others.

“You can hardly comprehend how Christmas will be for this unfortunate family. It’s incredible.”

Police have not uncovered which purview the kid and his family were visiting from.

They said the kid’s family was getting support.

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