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The husky commando walks down the pornography lined corridor of the convenience block, a jar of Red Bull in his grasp.

“Last considerations while we rock out pre-work?” asks his Australian confidant holding the camera.

The commando stops, hangs over, and props his elbow on a rack. Through the green and dark cover paint spread all over, his eyes lock on the camera.

“I accept we will get the standard,” he says serenely.

“Charm!” cheers one more commando behind him as two others holler behind the scenes. “The quantity! The quantity should be met,” says the trooper holding the camera.

It is late 2012, and the Taliban foe gives no indication of faltering. Not at all like the Australian commandos, the Taliban extremists don’t comply to the laws of equipped struggle.

They wear no outfits and tuck away among regular folks. It appears to be regardless of the number of their contenders are killed on the combat zone, more arise to have their spot.

Weighty cost

In the 11 years of contention to this point, the Taliban have proactively negatively affected the Australians. During this revolution, the 39th Australian will bite the dust in Afghanistan.

When Australian extraordinary powers leave Afghanistan a year after the fact, unique powers warriors will represent about portion of every Australian loss.

On this turn, the men of the second Commando Regiment have been focusing on one of the principal weapons utilized by the Taliban to subsidize its rebellion – opium.

Along with the US Medication Requirement Organization and fighters from Afghanistan’s Public Ban Unit, they have hit drug lab after drug lab.

On one mission, they light in excess of a lot of Taliban opium.

In the video got by ABC Examinations, these commandos are by and by planning to head outside the wire on one more risky mission and catch their arrangements on camera for any kind of family down the line.

Neither the detachment leader nor any officials have all the earmarks of being available.

After his most memorable meeting, the commando holding the camera go on down the miserable corridor of the convenience block.

“What will go this evening? Prepared for ‘Activity Last Work’?” he asks a companion who is preparing in his room.

“There will be some f***ing killing going on,” the trooper answers delicately.

The cameraman gets back to the lobby and spots another interviewee.

“We really want essential kill group. What will go down this evening?”

“We have a quantity of 10. The quantity is 10,” he tells the cameraman.

“Will we meet the portion?”


Another commando rises up out of his room and into the camera’s concentration.

“Is it safe to say that we will stir things up around town this evening, large person?”

“F*** no doubt,” answers his mate. “I will kill a couple of canines as well!”

The video endures a moment and a half and finishes with the cameraman directing the focal point back toward himself.

“Last work. Marking out. We will raise a ruckus around town.”

On the whole, there are twelve notices of a quantity, or stirring things up around town, or meeting the portion, in only 90 seconds.

Anyway, what is the portion?

ABC Examinations addressed previous commandos who conveyed to Afghanistan.

One says he has never heard the term, is frustrated to hear any notice of it in the unit, and recommends it very well may be “folks attempting to show what them can do”.

Others brought up issues about whether it could allude to a kill count.

A previous senior official on that revolution educated ABC Examinations that any discussion concerning a quantity ought to have been “a trigger straight away” to get rid of it.

“You couldn’t actually talk like that, evidently,” the previous official said.

“That would be unsatisfactory to try and kid about it. It’s only not on.”

Glenn Kolomeitz sent as an Australian Safeguard Power legitimate official to Afghanistan as a component of the Unique Activities Errand Gathering. It was his responsibility to guide Australia’s SAS and commandos in the principles of commitment and law of outfitted struggle.

“I don’t briefly accept they’re discussing a kill share of some kind or another, not truly discussing that,” Mr Kolomeitz says.

While Kolomeitz holds the commandos in high regard, he recognizes that the “share” video is definitely not a decent look.

“That wasn’t steady with the 2 Commando that I knew, and that I respect,” he said.

Dissimilar to their first class associates in the Unique Air Administration Regiment (SAS), the commandos arose to a great extent solid from the Overseer General of the Australian Protection Power’s investigation into supposed atrocities drove by Armed force Save Significant General and NSW Justice for the nation’s highest court Paul Brereton.

Yet, this video brings up difficult issues about their conduct in Afghanistan.

The Brereton Request had recently refered to one case — comprehended to include the SAS, not the commandos — in which a unit in Afghanistan was supposedly headed to shoot detainees to add to its kill count.

“A count board all out, and a longing to take it from 18 to 20 seems connected to the passings of two detainees who were given following a dangerous section into a compound that didn’t bring about the normal result,” the report states.

A previous commando has recently guaranteed that kill counts were a proportion of progress for exceptional powers.

ABC Examinations got some information about kill counts.

“The Australian Safeguard Power doesn’t involve foe setback numbers as a proportion of execution, achievement or viability, remembering during tasks for Afghanistan,” a Guard representative said.

“The openly delivered adaptation of the Afghanistan Request report momentarily makes reference to ‘catch and delivery, and the kill consider’ one of the elements the presence of which might have added to a climate wherein degenerate way of behaving [in the SAS] could occur and not be perceived.”

Individuals seen dodging for cover as warrior fires from chopper

ABC Examinations has acquired long stretches of film never seen openly of commando activities in Afghanistan north of 2011 and 2012.

One video is a features reel of the 2012 organization altered and set up with a good soundtrack by a portion of the actual commandos.

In a few segments a warrior should be visible shooting his attack rifle from a moving helicopter at what give off an impression of being unarmed regular citizens in private mixtures.

In one of the clasps, an Afghan man should be visible dodging and attempting to find cover as the commando discharge his weapon from the helicopter above.

Previous military legitimate official Glenn Kolomeitz accepts the occurrence ought to be explored.

“It didn’t give the idea that [the Afghan] was drawing in that helicopter. He seemed, by all accounts, to be dodging from the residue and garbage zooming around him in that compound.”

“All ADF individuals are expected to follow the important Principles of Commitment (ROE),” Safeguard said in an explanation.

“Guard can’t talk about ROE for functional security reasons.”

Commandos watch as Afghan warrior beats man

Another video shows a commando watch keeping a few Afghans close to a private compound.

The Australians had tracked down a two-way radio, and with the assistance of their Afghan accomplice force they request to know who it has a place with.

Equipped with a stick, an Afghan trooper is seen beating one of the kept men who is groveling on the ground while Australian commandos watch on.Invoking the name of Allah, the Afghan swears the radio isn’t his and that he’s simply a rancher.

“This is reality, take a gander at my hands,” he says.

The beating proceeds and the man can be heard whining with each blow.

The commandos proceed to watch and say nothing.

“I’ve never seen that,” says Mr Kolomeitz.

“The Afghan on the ground, regardless of whether he was a radical, he’s plainly out of the battle.

“Furthermore, he’s currently being abused … and there is a commitment on the Australians to take care of business.

“In the event that that chap was definitely not a radical ahead of time, I suspect he positively would be a while later.”

Safeguard told the ABC: “Australia’s central goal in Afghanistan was to help the Afghan government to assist with containing the danger of worldwide psychological warfare, and in doing so uphold the improvement of an able and practical Afghan protection force.”

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