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There are a number of characteristics that make these Strong plastic moving boxes/crates an attractive resource for your next move. Some benefits of packing your belongings in Readymade boxes include:

  • Eco-friendly: Hire of reusable plastic moving boxes is good for environment. If you buy traditional cardboard boxes then they are just one time use.You could also rent plastic crates for your moving that can be returned so that the movers can use them again — another sustainable option! However, if you’re planning to get rid of any boxes used in your move, it may be a greener choice to go with plastic moving boxes that can be recycled after use.
  • Durability: As we all know cardboard boxes can be flimsy, can get crushed easily. If you need a Strong boxes to keep your items safe during transport, a sturdy plastic moving box may be what you’re looking for. That said, it’s wise not to discount the strength of packed cardboard moving boxes to keep your keepsakes and other items in good shape during your move.
  • Stacking: In terms of putting one on top of another, plastic boxes will stack up differently than cardboard boxes. For some plastic crates you might already have, cardboard boxes make it difficult to stack the boxes on top of one another. However, other plastic moving boxes that you can rent are specifically designed to stack one on top of another. Industrial grade plastic boxes has solid bottom so it will now melt in wet weather
  • moisture and dust: Plastic moving boxes can offer more waterproof and dust protection for your belongings. While using cardboard boxes needs be taped up really tight from all corners of the box.
  • easy to open: Maybe you know you’ll need to get to some of your items quickly once you’ve successfully moved. If you pack the items into a plastic moving boxes that you’ll need shortly after you’ve arrived, you can easily see and get to what you need without delay.
  • Cost: If you hire plastic moving boxes for your move from a box hire company, it will be cheaper then buying cardboard boxes. buying a bunch of cardboard moving boxes.there’s no need for packing tape

Packing Strategies for Plastic Moving Boxes

If the conditions are right for choosing plastic boxes for your next move, it’s good to keep in mind that how you pack them remains largely the same. You’ll still want to:

  • Use butcher paper or bubble wrap to wrap your fragile and delicate items
  • Try not to overload the boxes as you should be able to lift it
  • Label them so you know what is inside the box when you’re unboxing.         

Ready to move and still not sure whether to choose plastic or cardboard containers for our move? Crates2u can handle it. We can chat with you about your needs. If you’re thinking about plastic moving boxes , you may be interested in our Moving crate hire. We’ll supply you with clean plastic moving crates  right before your planned move, then once you have finished unpacking we will pick up from your new place.

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