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History is always written by the victor, and a good essay is always written by a good writer. But who is a good writer? A good writer is one who knows what information goes into what type of essay. A good writer is one who has an idea of all the key steps involved in writing a perfect explanatory essay. So, based on this, ask yourself, “are you a good writer?” Most probably not, because if you were a good writer, you must not be here reading this post and learning the steps involved in writing this essay.

By saying this, our intention is not to demotivate you but to make you realize that you have come to the right place. Yes, in today’s post, we will be discussing the most important steps involved in writing an explanatory essay. However, prior to discussing those steps, let’s define what this essay type is.

What is an explanatory essay?

Among other types of academic essays, an explanatory essay is also one type. It is an essay in which, as a writer, you present an opinion or point of view about a particular situation or phenomenon. It is worth mentioning here this essay is also called an expository essay. It is also important to explain here that the view writer has about the situation can be the one with which he agrees or disagrees. Having a complete agreement with the point of view is not necessary to write this essay. Some examples of explanatory essay topics are as follows:

  • What were the causes of the Civil War in the USA?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts of social media on teenagers?
  • How have technological developments changed high schools?

Key steps for writing an explanatory essay

Writing this essay is like educating the readers about a particular phenomenon or subject. Trending Update News.  The best explanatory essays are those that engage the reader till the last moment because reading long descriptive writing is very difficult for readers. If you want your readers to stick to your essay till the last word, you must know about the key steps. Hence, a brief description of the key steps is as follows:

1. Pick a neutral essay topic

One of the most critical aspects of writing an explanatory essay is to have a neutral topic. Having a neutral essay topic means it should be a topic that is focused on the explanation of the ideas rather than persuading the readers about the ideas. This essay does not take a side, and it asks you to explain the topic while maintaining neutrality. If there is something negative about your chosen topic, explain it.

2. Conduct research and gather evidence

After picking a neutral topic, the next step is to conduct research on the topic and gather relevant shreds of evidence. As the writer, you must give yourself ample time to research the topic and collect credible information. From statistical data to quotes and from examples to facts, collect any kind of data that you feel is relevant to your topic. If you do not know where to gather this data, you can buy essay online services.

3. Read the guidelines and outline the essay

After performing the step mentioned above, you now have lots of information to craft your essay. The only step remaining before writing the explanatory essay is to be organised by creating the outline. Before that, you must read the writing guidelines sent to you by your teacher. It is necessary because there is a mention of the word count required and preferred writing style. So, read the guidelines and create an outline accordingly. Global Top Trend

4. Start writing the essay

As you have developed the outline of your essay, too, it is time to start writing it. You should start the essay by introducing the topic first and giving its background. Giving importance is also important because it piques the interest of the reader. After the introduction, craft the body paragraphs of the essay and load those paragraphs with bulletproof pieces of evidence. In the end, you must close your essay with a strong conclusion.

5. Edit and proofread the essay

After writing the explanatory essay, do not forget to edit and proofread its first draft. Double-check all the sentences and paragraphs to make sure that there are no grammatical, contextual, spelling, or syntax errors in your essay. Explanatory essays are prone to researcher bias. Therefore, during the proofreading stage, look for bias in the essay, too.


Writing an explanatory essay is a common assignment that teachers give to students. So, whenever you are assigned to write such an essay, stay true to all the steps mentioned above. These steps are your gateway towards creating a stunning essay and enjoying success. Thus, follow all the key steps mentioned above and write the essay accordingly.

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