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India is not so much a country that we come to “see”, but a country that comes to discover it, an assault for all the senses, a country that feels, a country that enriches us internally; a unique country that you just have to experience! 

Travelling through amazing India is more than just a journey. Yes it can be a challenge at first but with the right attitude, an open mind and an open heart and your trip to India can only change your life. 

Since India is such a vast and diverse country, trying to define the best Indian experiences to have is a near impossible task and it would take a lifetime to experience all that India has to offer. 

We want to offer you some of the experiences not to be missed! 

Taj Mahal

The most obvious is the first: The Taj Mahal is a cliché, but no Indian adventure would be complete without a visit. Go early in the morning to catch the worst of the crowds and enjoy your first glimpse of the Taj Mahal rising ethically out of the hazy morning light. 

Old Delhi 

The cities of India can feel a little chaotic or overwhelming at first, but it’s all part of the experience. Delhi is a city brimming with history. Admire Mughal monuments such as the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, and Jama Masjid, and stroll the streets of Old Delhi. Getting lost and found amidst the chaos of Old Delhi is an essential part of a trip to India. 


Take a boat ride along the holy Ganges River to Varanasi at dawn and witness the cremations and ceremonies that take place in one of the holiest and oldest cities in the world. 


And relax on the beaches with cows, explore the countryside and old Portuguese colourful churches and home on the motorbikes or celebrate the night in relaxation Goa.


 Be enchanted by the most colourful and beautiful state of India and feel like a Maharaja as you explore the majestic palaces and fortresses of Rajasthan. 

Golden Temple of Amritsar 

Continue your spiritual quest and be struck by the shimmering Golden Temple of Amritsar, the holiest place for Sikhs.

The Temples of Khajuraho 

Blush with the incredibly intricate erotic carvings that adorn the ancient temples of Khajuraho. 

Camel Safari 

And feel like a true explorer crossing the Thar Desert on a camel safari 

Indian cuisine 

Savour your first taste of a creamy mango lassi or hot hot chai tea and discover that the cuisine Indian is so different and so much more than you’ve ever tasted at home! 

Taking a train 

Daily activities in India often become experiences to remember. Taking the train, witnessing the countryside and sharing a picnic with a local family is also an essential Indian experience. 

Festivals and celebrations

There is a surprise in every corner of India. Be amazed as you watch an impromptu festival parade through the streets or arrange a visit to one of India’s colourful and flashy festivals and celebrations 

Tribe of North East India 

 Feel like you’re back in time to explore the remote and untamed tribal lands of northeast India and meet the unique tribes of northeast India 

Yoga experience at the ashram 

India is all about spirituality and many travellers come to “be” in India. Follow in the footsteps of the Beatles by practising yoga, balancing the chakras and connecting with your inner peace at an ashram in Rishikesh. 

Meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala

India is so different, you don’t even have to leave India to experience the serene and colourful beauty of the highest point of Tibtan and if your timing is right, you can even meet the Dalai Lama at Dharamsala 

Backwaters of Kerala 

 Cruising between the shimmering palms of Kerala behind the scenes of a traditional houseboat converted into a houseboat must be one of the most relaxing and beautiful experiences in all of India 

How to Trade in the Markets 

 Learning to Trade in the Markets, with Drivers of rickshaws, retreats, with everyone, is a fundamental skill that you will learn while travelling in India! 

Weddings in India

Large, lavish Indian weddings are legendary. Taking part in a wedding gives you an unforgettable cultural experience, the chance to take part in important rituals and traditions, taste traditional Indian cuisine and talk with local people about life in India. Maybe you can be lucky and get invited by chance to a wedding or a party at a family home like I did in Khajuraho. But if you don’t know anyone getting married in India, don’t worry, an exciting new start-up called JoinMyWedding lets you take part in an authentic traditional Indian wedding, bringing together travellers and Indian couples who want to share their wedding with the world. 

Indian roads

Getting used to negotiating crowded Indian roads on foot, on a wild rickshaw (tuk tuk) ride or maybe even learning to ride a motorbike in the word might seem a little strange, but after a while you’ll see the method is madness. and fall in love with chaos. 

Himachal Pradesh 

The mountains of Himachal Pradesh offer countless opportunities for spectacular hiking and many pretty villages and towns that have become favourite haunts for travellers. Manali offers a wide range of adventurous activities including paragliding which offers the most incredible views over the valleys. 

India-Pakistan Border Ceremony 

Witness the Extraordinary Wagah Border Ceremony between India and Pakistan. 

Hill Station India

Escape the heat and bustle of the city and feel the cooling breeze and enjoy the view from tea plantation or colonial hill station 

Discover the wildlife of India 

India is also home to some of the most wonderful wonders of the world, from majestic elephants, camels and tigers to bears, rhinos, lions, leopards, birds and many more to sacred dogs, goats and cows everywhere. 

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