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Among all the news websites in Vietnam, there is an 8X casino trực tuyến news site that is very popular among people. This site has a lot of information about sports news, sports events, and sports betting. If you are interested in this kind of news, you should check it out.


Among the most popular websites for sports news in Vietnam, YeuTheThao and 8X are two of the most popular sites. These sites provide extensive coverage of sporting events in Vietnam. These sites offer news, scores, live reporting, and videos. The sites also provide betting games and predictions.

YeuTheThao is a sports news website that has been around for a long time. It primarily focuses on football news, but it also covers other sports such as basketball and martial arts. It has an iPhone app that you can download for free. It also offers a free sports prediction game. You can use the app to make predictions and win prizes. You can also view live reporting on the website.

EightX, on the other hand, is a sports news website that offers coverage of sports events in Vietnam and around the world. It has an extensive video library and articles written by vetted journalists. It also features live scores, a prediction game, and a calendar of upcoming events. Its content is updated daily, and is primarily geared towards sports fans in Vietnam.


XemTheThao789 is one of the fastest-growing sports news websites in Vietnam. It publishes articles on a wide range of sports, including football. It also publishes videos, which include live scores and commentary. It has a growing readership and employs well-vetted professionals.

It has a community of sports fans that participate in prediction games, ticket booking and live scores. It also features a comprehensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam, as well as a calendar of upcoming events. It also offers news on local leagues, international matches, and other sports. It is primarily aimed at Vietnamese football fans.

It also has a mobile version. Its website features live reporting, video clips, and articles in English and Vietnamese. Its content is constantly updated. It also covers other sports, including tennis, volleyball, and basketball. It has an extensive video library, including highlights of football matches from around the world.

It also offers live reporting on major international football championships. It also features a prediction game, a calendar, and a mobile app. Its content is written by vetted professionals and is updated regularly.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Among the many sports news websites in Vietnam, EightX is the most popular and one of the best. EightX offers comprehensive casino trực tuyến coverage, including articles and video content. It also features a forum for discussion on a wide variety of sports. These include volleyball, football, e-sports, and basketball. The site is available in both Vietnamese and English, and its content is written by vetted professionals.

EightX online sports news in Vietnam is updated every day. It offers information on the top teams in the country. You can follow local soccer leagues and international competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup. You can also find a community of sports enthusiasts at 8X, and a calendar of upcoming games.

EightX has a large number of fans, and it receives over 16 million unique visitors every month. The site also has a mobile app for iOS and Android. There are videos of the latest international competitions on the site, and readers can follow the results of local football games. It also has an extensive archive of breaking news stories.

Legalized sports betting in Vietnam

Despite the positive steps made by the Vietnamese government to curb illegal betting in the country, sports betting remains illegal. In fact, Vietnam’s black market for gambling has reached billions of dollars. It has been estimated that illegal betting alone accounts for US$10 billion in annual turnover in Vietnam.

The country’s history with gambling dates back to centuries. However, it was only in 2017 that the government announced a five-year pilot program to test sports betting. The program was aimed at limiting betting to football games and greyhound racing. The program was similar to a three-year trial that allowed locals to gamble in casinos.

The government hopes to introduce a new law in January of next year. The law will regulate the betting scene and protect the rights of everyone involved.

The government hopes to prevent money from leaving the country to foreign betting sites. In addition, the government plans to increase the options for betting operators. The government will also ensure transparency and honesty.

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