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A content management system (CMS) is a software application used to create and manage an organization’s website, digital assets, and more. Content management systems are becoming increasingly popular as websites must provide mobile-friendly, interactive content that users want to engage with. Whether you’re looking to build an online community or want to make your website easier to manage, these content management systems will help you achieve your goals quickly and easily. Here are 8 of the best CMSs on the market today.


1) Drupal

It is a free and open-source content management system ideal for developers as it allows them to create custom modules or themes. It is also prevalent in business organizations as its flexibility helps to meet the diverse needs of each organization. It’s also easy to customize, both on a site and on a module level, which is one of the significant benefits to businesses. There are many more CMS systems, but Drupal has proven one of the best.

2) WordPress

It is a CMS written in PHP and is open-source. It is designed to post, edit, and share web content. It runs on over 60 million sites and powers 28% of the internet’s websites. It offers features like a CMS where you can easily edit your site’s design, publish articles, manage comments, add pages, and more. It also has an integrated search engine which means it has SEO benefits. The plugin community thrives with over 46000 plugins, making it customizable. If you’re looking for something simple to set up your site, consider using WordPress.

3) Magento

It’s a CMS used for e-commerce websites and has many unique features for business organizations. The special features include:

  • Creating a single customer view.
  • Segmenting customers based on their purchase history.
  • Other features.

This software can also integrate with multiple extensions from different companies, giving you an all-in-one solution for your site. Magento is usually used for large businesses with big budgets but can also be tailored for smaller ones.

4) Joomla

It is a CMS geared more toward business organizations and has many features for managing and creating content. It is one of the best CMSs for businesses that want to take care of their content but also like many features. Along with this, it integrates well with most web hosting services, which makes it easy to use for any website. With all these features, it is an excellent choice for any small business owner or organization looking for something new and exciting.

5) SquareSpace

It is a site-building tool that enables you to create and manage your website. It provides analytics about how many people have visited your site and which parts of the place they found most interesting. In addition, it offers customer support through email and phone calls if you have issues managing your site. With all these benefits, Squarespace is highly recommended for business organizations looking for a web development service provider.

6) Wix

It’s a CMS that helps businesses and individuals create websites without coding. With Wix, you can design your website with the drag-and-drop interface and add content with a WYSIWYG editor or by uploading images, videos, and documents from your computer. Other features include online stores and blogs and analytics to track visitor statistics. For small businesses on a budget, it is an affordable option to help them get started online.

7) Tumblr

It’s a micro-sharing and social networking platform similar to Twitter and Instagram. It is used by many businesses as a CMS, with its features and benefits being able to hold graphics, text, video, audio, and links. Its many features include post management and analytics, allowing users to track their engagement rates and improve accordingly. It has also made it easier for developers to use their software by making it possible to embed posts into websites without having to do extra work or rely on plugins or modules.

8) Medium

It is a content management system that can be used to create and publish blog posts, articles, and other content. It has many features, like sharing on social media sites or embedding on external sites. Its accessible interface makes it easy to use and print directly from your browser. The simplicity of the interface and versatility of the features make it an excellent CMS choice for business organizations.


The importance of content management system development cannot be stressed enough. At Practical Logix, we can assist you with all your CMS needs. Whether you are looking for custom eCommerce application development, WordPress development, a Drupal website, or a custom headless solution, Practical Logix can and will deliver it for you. Contact us today to get started.

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