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We will not brag about it unless the title tells you enough about what we are talking about. But, if you’re proud of your inkling about the Zanskar chadar trek in Ladakh, we can assure you that this is something that will give you lifelong bragging rights.

Towering mountains lending cliffs to block the bleak ways, a sheet of snow comfortably taming a wild river beneath, and blood chilling temperatures in the realm around-all of this is contained within a 75-kilometer trek. If you think no amount of adventure can change your life, this trek will change your mind.

Chadar Trek: The Insight

Chadar translates as “sheet,” referring to the thick sheet of ice that enslaves the ever-feral Zanskar river. Winter arrives, and the civilisation living beyond the valley’s canyons and ravines becomes engulfed in snow. In an emergency, the ice on this river allows the residents of this remote valley to communicate with the rest of the world.

Trekking may be considered a passing fad, but Chadar is not one of them. It’s the closest thing to walking on a glacier. The difficulty level, thrill-o-meter, and experience outperform all other treks. The prospect of a successful expedition on these snow boulders is breathtaking. It’s not a journey; it’s a different kind of rejuvenation. And to be a part of it, extreme caution and preparation are required.

When Is the Best Time to Go on a Chadar Trek?

January and February; from the middle of January to the end of February, one can experience the raw thrill of walking on a frozen river. The trek usually takes 9-10 days and requires a minimum of 16-18 kilometres per day.

Weather Specifics

The temperature in Leh during the day ranges between -10 and 0 degrees Celsius, depending on the weather. After sunset, the temperature begins to fall, and it can reach -25 degrees Celsius. A feather jacket, along with warm gloves and a warm hat, is a must-have not only for the trek but also for walking around Leh. When visiting the monastery, it is critical to remove one’s shoes and to wear a thick pair of warm socks. For extreme weather conditions, proper trekking gear that can protect from cold winds and unexpected snowfall is required.

How to Get to the Beginning

The only way to get to Zanskar is by air. The nearest airport is in Leh, where all flights arrive before noon. Prepare to exit your plane because the bone-chilling temperature awaits you on the vast expanse of white snow.

From here, take the road to Chilling (64 km) and then a 2-hour trek to Tilat Sumdo, the starting point.

The Experiment

Chadar trek packages begin at INR 18,500. The majority of these are group treks in which the package does not include air fare, airport pickup and drop-off, personal expenses, or luggage carriage charges. These, however,

Normally, specially designed packages include service taxes, professional trekking kits and guides, and trek meals (only veg). Chadar Trek, Road Trek Ventures, Adventure Nation, and We Nomads are some of the most popular Chadar Trek organisers.

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Is this guide increasing your adrenaline rush? chadar trek ladakh is regarded as one of the most adventurous trails to explore and have a good time. It’s like a magical walk among the snowy paths. So, if you’re planning a vacation in Ladakh, make sure to include this adventurous journey to have the time of your life!

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