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Himachal Pradesh’s Kasol, in the Parvati Valley, is a trekking paradise. Like a pearl necklace, the picturesque Parvati River winds its way through the lush, verdant valleys of Kasol. International visitors come here to hike and take in the outdoors. Unexpectedly, a large number of them opt to stay. The Kheerganga trek is the most well-known trek in the Parvati Valley.

A few peaceful locations include the Parvaty River, Kheerganga, Tosh Village, and Manikaran Hot Springs. While on the treks from Kasol, you might see the valley’s natural environment blooming.

The inhabitants of Kasol and the nearby Tosh and Malana villages coexist peacefully with nature. Humanity and nature coexist peacefully here. To atone for the sins of city life, spend some time in this valley. Kasol and the Parvati Valley are perfect vacation destinations, especially for those looking for adventure, thanks to their abundance of waterfalls, hot springs, surrounding snow-capped mountains, and lush green forests.

Details about the Kheerganga Trek

If God is seated here, Kheerganga will be there (Khirganga). The highlight of all the day trips from Kasol is this valley. Kheerganga is the most popular trek in Kasol. It takes roughly 7 to 8 hours to hike to the hot springs, which are located at a height of 2950 metres (13,000 feet). After negotiating the difficult terrain, you will eventually arrive at Kheerganga’s hot spring.

After taking a warm bath, all of your pains and discomforts will vanish! The trip starts in Barshani. We take the road from Kasol to Barshani. The actual hike to Kheerganga starts from there. A trail that leads to the town of Tosh splits off three kilometres from Barshani. It is possible to hike to Kheerganga in a single day, though it is neither practical nor advised. If you are a seasoned hiker, go for it; just make sure you start early enough. Regardless of the path you choose, the Kheerganga hike will cover 12–13 kilometres overall.

hiking trails leading to Kheerganga

There are two ways to reach Kheerganga Trek from Barshaini:

A few very basic housing options, dhabas, and a taxi stand can be found in the small community of Barshaini. Tosh is over two kilometres away from Barshaini and can be reached from here via a rarely travelled route. Because of the nearby hydroelectric plant’s construction, the area’s appeal has been reduced. After the facility is operational and a reservoir is constructed, a sizable portion should be restored.

1) Turn right from the Barshaini bridge and climb to the Kalga settlement. This slightly longer path that winds through tall trees is suitable for beginners and casual hikers because it provides a simple ascent.

2) The second route requires a left turn from the bridge at Barshaini and travels through the town of Nakthan. Even though this trail is faster and more picturesque, it is challenging because it is frequently quite steep. The Kheerganga trek route is straightforward, but people with heart conditions should avoid it. If you set out on your hike from Barshani before noon, you’ll reach Kheerganga by sunset, giving you time to pitch your tent and spend the night there.

Kheerganga has campgrounds and transitional housing despite not being a village. Because there is no electricity, some accommodations have tandoors in the dining tents to keep you warm. Electricity is nonexistent, and moving around is challenging. It can be pricey to stay the night and eat well because camps and other businesses depend on generators. Make sure to book your excursion with an experienced operator to guarantee that you receive excellent service while you are here. A few kilometres before Kheerganga, there is a different Rudra nag where you can set up camp for the night.

In addition to the Parvati Kund natural hot spring, Kheerganga has a sizable number of restaurants and tea houses.

The last bus from Barshaini to Bhuntar departs between 2:00 and 4:00 PM. Inquire at a dhaba or a taxi station for the precise timing.

Best Time to Go on the Kheerganga Trek

The accessibility of the Kasol and Kheerganga Trek almost all year round is one factor in its appeal. With the exception of a couple of weeks during the winter peak, Kheerganga is accessible for the majority of the year. The Kheerganga hike is more challenging during the monsoon season. Skilled hikers can still access the trail.

April, May, and November are the best months for the trek, with September, October, and April, May, being the next best.

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