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Queen Elizabeth II dies in Scotland during her medical treatment

London: Queen Elizabeth of Britain has died at the age of 96. On Thursday, there was news that doctors are keeping an eye on his health. The Queen was at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland for a few days.

She used to come here every summer. The Queen’s health was being closely monitored for the past few days. His condition had deteriorated in the last few years and this time in February he also contracted Kovid-19. Due to ill health, the Queen canceled her Privy Council meeting and was asked to rest.

Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday formally appointed Conservative Party leader Liz Truss as Britain’s new prime minister. Truss had arrived at her Balmoral Castle residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to meet the 96-year-old Queen.

Information to the governments of 15 countries

After the death of the Queen, the governments of 15 countries were informed about this. These 15 countries of the world including Canada were ruled by the Queen. The Queen is also ruled by the Commonwealth countries of 38 countries. The Queen administered the oath to 15 British Prime Ministers, ranging from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss. On Thursday, the Palace said the Queen was in Balmoral and that her son Prince Charles and grandson Prince William had left.

The new PM Truss said, ‘The whole country will be worried by this news of Buckingham Palace.’ He wrote on Twitter, “At this time, my best wishes and the whole nation are with the Queen and her family.” Queen Elizabeth is currently 96 years old and it has been 70 years since her reign. He has not been admitted to the hospital yet. In addition to the Queen’s sons Andrew and Edward, their daughter Princess Anne is already with her in Scotland.

Liz Truss left the debate in the middle

The news of the Queen’s ill health interrupted the debate in Parliament. The new Prime Minister Truss had announced a big package to deal with the energy crisis. At the same time, his close friend gently informed him about the health of the Queen. She became upset and left the House of Commons shortly thereafter. The Queen always announces the new government at Buckingham Palace, but this time she was in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II dies

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