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There were renewed fears for the Queen’s health on Tuesday night after a new photo of Her Majesty emerged.

There were renewed fears for the Queen’s health on Tuesday night after she required a cane to support herself while greeting the UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Her Majesty, 96, met Ms Truss at her Balmoral estate in Scotland because of concerns she would have been uncomfortable making the trip down to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen had not been seen in public since late July, when she passed through Aberdeen Airport on her way to Balmoral.

Her mobility issues seemed evident as she met Ms Truss, using her trusty cane to help as she stood up to shake hands with the new PM.

She also appeared to have a bruise on her right hand.

The Queen was seen using a cane and appeared to have a bruised hand as she met the Queen. She also appeared to be slightly hunched over and was less formally dressed than usual
The Queen has used the walking stick while attending royal engagements in recent months.

The 96-year-old sovereign also appeared to be slightly hunched over as she met Ms Truss, 47.

The difference in her posture was noticeable when compared to the official photos of the last two times she met new Prime Ministers.

In 2019, when receiving Boris Johnson for the first time, the Queen can be seen standing straight as Mr Johnson bows.

It was much the same in 2016, when Theresa May curtsied as she arrived at Buckingham Palace.

On all three occasions, the Queen was carrying a handbag on her left arm.

Wearing a tartan skirt, she was slightly less formally dressed than usual this time – however more relaxed attire is normal when she is at Balmoral.

Concerns about the Queen’s health heightened last week when it was revealed that she would be unable to travel to London to meet Ms Truss.

In a tradition that predates Her Majesty’s reign, the sovereign always greets the outgoing and incoming prime minister of the UK at Buckingham Palace.

But, for the first time since 1908, Mr Johnson and his successor made the 1,600km round trip to Aberdeenshire to meet her.

It was reported last month that Prince Charles is making “regular, daily” visits to his mother, which is seen as unusual.

The heir to the throne does not usually make unplanned visits to the Queen and they are most-often arranged by Palace officials.

Prince Andrew has been staying with the Queen at Balmoral, which is where she spends most of her summer

The last time a PM was appointed away from Buckingham Palace came in 1908, when King Edward VII asked Herbert Asquith to travel to Biarritz, in south west France, where he was on holiday.

Queen Victoria regularly requested that new Prime Ministers visit her in Balmoral.

The Queen’s health has been of growing concern since her husband Prince Philip’s death last April.

She was forced to pull out of the Remembrance Day service last November because of a sprained back.

Her Majesty was also forced to isolate after coming down with Covid, which she stoically shook off while holding meetings virtually.

She then pulled out of a series of events surrounding her Platinum Jubilee, including the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and the Epsom Derby.

The Queen has also been seen using a cane and buggy to help her deal with “episodic mobility” issues.

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